Rules of procedure


The purpose of these Rules of Procedure is to define the general conditions of use of the facilities made available to the public.

The general spirit which has presided over the implementation of these Internal Regulations is the ethics of golf: respect for the land and nature, respect for others, in order to allow all players to enjoy all the facilities. , in an atmosphere of conviviality and sportiness.

Each person wishing to benefit from the services of the Golf de Seraincourt undertakes to comply with these Internal Regulations, established on the basis of the rules issued by the French Golf Federation.



  • Terms of Access

Access to golf is only allowed during golf opening hours. An automatic gate, located at the entrance to the golf path, prevents access outside these hours. It is recommended to inquire with the reception to have all details on the possibilities of entry and exit golf.

Anyone who comes to play either on the driving range or on the golf course, must, above all, go to the secretariat to declare his presence.

 Golf facilities are reserved for golfers. The walk or any other activity that golf is strictly prohibited.

 Access to the service premises is strictly prohibited.

 The reception of the golf must be informed of the presence of non-player accompaniers. Their number may be limited or their presence prohibited according to the conditions of occupation of the course. Players are responsible for the safety of the accompanying persons.

 To access the course, any player must be able to justify an access authorization.

Access to the course or the conditions of use of the facilities may be modified (winter greens - winter starts ...) or limited according to certain conditions (no golf carts or trolley, staggered departures ...) or even closed in work, poor conditions, bad weather conditions or heavy frosts.

 Pets are not allowed in the clubhouse or on the course, even on a leash, except with specific agreement from the Management.

  • Permission to access

To access the course, any player must be able to justify a right of access.

This right of access is reserved for golfers holding insurance covering their liability in the context of playing the game of golf.

In the absence of proof of this insurance, if applicable, by presentation of the FFG license for the current year.


The subscription is a right to use the golf facilities during the period of validity of the subscriber.


The right of play is a right to use a course to play once 9 or 18 holes during the same day and by the same person.

 Opening times

The hours of reception at the clubhouse may vary depending on the day of the week and depending on the season. They are posted at the entrance of the clubhouse.

Access to the course is authorized outside these hours, but in the event of use of the golf facilities after the reception has closed, the Golf de Seraincourt declines all responsibility in the event of a problem or accident.

  • Minimum level of play required

No level requirement is required to access the course. However, players who do not have an index or a green card from the FFG must apply to the Golf Director for authorization to access the course.

  • Memberships

Several subscription categories are offered each year. The special and general subscription conditions are available at reception. The subscription gives a right of access to the course and facilities of the Seraincourt golf course during its validity and under the conditions relating to its category.

Subscriptions must be paid for in cash or by direct debit under legal conditions.

 Green fee

The greens fees are issued and must be paid before the access to the course during the opening hours of the clubhouse.

The green fee is a registered right of use of the Golf de Seraincourt course. It is valid for the date indicated on the ticket given by the golf reception in return for its payment. It gives the right to use all the facilities in accordance with the internal rules of the golf course.

It is not refundable. If the course is completely closed, before the golfer's departure, it will be changed with an equivalent green fee, valid for another date.

A second right of play must be paid for any second course in the same day, even if it is partial.

  • Booking of departures

Any player, whether a member or an outside player, is required to reserve a tee time at the reception. Before entering the course, the player must go to the reception to be registered. Anyone who has booked a departure and cannot come and play must inform reception, at least one hour before their departure, to cancel their order.

  • Conventional lathe

The stipulated round consists of playing the holes of the course in their exact numerical order from the appropriate teeing ground. Only the reception of the golf course can authorize a start at hole 10 or a cut in two times 9 holes. In the event of a break, the reservation for the second round being compulsory, the parties must wait for their departure time reserved for hole 1 or 10.

Games are limited to the number of four players. The golf staff reserves the right, in case of crowds, to complete the tees up to four players per game. 4-player games have priority over 3-player games. 3-player games have priority over 2-player games.

  • Exceptional closures

The facilities of the Golf de Seraincourt are open every day of the year, except December 25 and 1er January.

The Golf Direction nevertheless reserves the right to close the Golf between Christmas and New Year and exceptionally in the event of work that does not allow the use of the Golf. These works and / or exceptional closures will be notified 1 month in advance.

 However, all or part of the facilities may be closed exceptionally:

  • In case of bad weather,
  • If the installations are impassable for their normal use,
  • If this use leads to their degradation,
  • To safely carry out work of any kind,
  • During competitions,
  • And of course, in case of force majeure.

An announcement of these closures when they are predictable is posted at the clubhouse and on the Golf website.

The Operator will be the sole judge of the advisability of these exceptional closures.

For safety reasons, the golf facilities can be closed at any time and golfers already on the course and practice, notified by an audible alert, must return immediately to the clubhouse.

Anyone residing on golf facilities after the closure, does so under their own responsibility.

  • Practice

Access to the driving range is free for any golfer who has purchased the tokens at the Golf reception. Only the consumption price of the balls will have to be paid.

The balls, buckets, mats and practice tees are the property of the Golf and must not leave the practice area of ​​the practice. Any training outside the defined locations (mats or ropes) is prohibited.

Golf instructors have priority access to posts located to the right of the practice building.

Practice balls are prohibited on the course.

It is forbidden to pick up practice balls on the practice area.

  • Putting green and driving pitching green

The putting green and pitching green drive are free and free. The first is reserved for putting and lobed approaches are prohibited.

  • Safety instructions during storms

Advice in the event of a thunderstorm, you must return to the club house if a report requires it.


  • cleared areas
  • the high ground
  • isolated trees
  • the water
  • metal
  • electrical equipment
  • wires, fences, overhead wires and electrical wires
  • electric sprinklers
  • maintenance equipment


  • The lowest areas
  • Sandy areas, including the lowest non-flooded bunkers
  • Dense woods
  • Maintenance shelters
  • Cars
  • The clubhouse 


  • Terms of Access

Access to the tennis court is only permitted during golf opening hours. The reservation of the court as well as the payment of the period retained will be made with the secretariat. Players must provide their equipment, no rackets or balls can be provided. The tennis court being near the green of hole n ° 9, it is recommended to limit noise pollution.


  • Clubhouse

Access to services and services provided in the clubhouse is reserved for players, their accompanying persons and users of the restaurant.

Access to the club house is authorized with golf shoes, except for studded shoes. However, those accessing it are asked to clean and brush their shoes out of respect for the maintenance staff. As the club house is a public place, smoking is prohibited

  • Locker

Cloakrooms are made available to subscribers and practitioners who have paid a fee and lockers within the limits of availability.

The changing rooms are reserved for players. As their access requires the use of a digital code, each player who is not a member must request the access code from the reception.

Access to the locker room can only be made during golf opening hours, so each player is recommended to move their belongings before the locker room closing time.

Golf is not responsible for theft, disappearance or loss of objects and clothing that have been stolen from the locker room.

For security reasons, the golf course management keeps a key to the lockers and reserves the right to open them and, if necessary, empty them.

It is strictly forbidden to clean clubs or shoes in the locker room sinks.

A cleaning area with water and compressed air is available to the players.

  • Local trolley

A local trolley, closed by a door controlled by a digital code and with reserved trolley locations, is made available to golfers with priority for members of the sports association.

The use of a reserved location is subject to a rental contract with the golf course. The golf course is not responsible for the theft, disappearance or loss of objects that have been stolen from the local cart.

  • Parking

The car park is not supervised and the Golf de Seraincourt declines any responsibility in case of theft or break-in on the vehicles. It is therefore recommended not to leave valuables in cars. Parking is only on the indicated locations.

The golf course is not responsible for any damage to a car parked under the trees located in the parking lot.

  • Carts

Car rental, subject to availability:

  • is subject to the decision of the course steward depending on the weather,
  • for 1 conventional tour

Tenants are required to respect the instructions displayed in each cart.

In the event of a claim, a deductible of € 200 will be applied.


Any player admitted to the Seraincourt golf course agrees to scrupulously respect the golf etiquette.

  • Behavior

Proper attire and behavior are required.

  • Security

When performing a stroke or a trial move, players must ensure that no one stands nearby or is likely to be hit by the club or ball.

Players must not play until the players who precede them are out of reach.

Players should always alert gardeners who are near or in front of them when they are going to play a move that could put them in danger. In general, before playing in the direction of a gardener, wait for a sign from him.

Priority for a stroke made towards the green: if the gardener has started to mow a green by removing the flag from the hole, he has priority to finish the mowing before the player makes his stroke.

If a player plays a ball in a direction where it is likely to strike someone, he must immediately call “ball” to warn of the danger. Players who hear the shout “ball” are therefore strongly advised to protect themselves by squatting with their hands on their heads.

  • Respect for other players

The players must respect the others and in particular play in part of 4 maximum, wait until the players who precede them are out of reach and respect the maximum playing time which is 4h for 2 games or 3 players and 4h30 for games of 4 players.

"If a party plays slowly and has a clear hole behind the one in front, it must let the next game pass." This rule is not a rule of courtesy, but an obligation imposed by the FFG.

Some tips for tackling slow play:

  • Do not be left behind by the preceding part.
  • Leave the green immediately when you have finished playing the hole.
  • Put your cart or bag on its side towards the next hole.
  • Be ready to play when your turn comes.
  • Avoid multiple test shots.
  • When looking for a ball, do not hesitate to let the next part go by, without waiting for the 5 minutes to have passed.
  • In competition, mobile phones must be switched off on the course.
  • Respect of the ground

Players must respect the terrain and in particular:

  • Replace the divots.
  • Raising the pitches on the greens, any player having to be in possession of a relieving pitch.
  • Do not make test shots on the starting areas, so as not to damage them.
  • Rake the traces of clubs and footsteps in bunkers.
  • Do not use golf carts and carts on the greens, tees or bunkers.
  • Do not take the ball out of a hole using a club.
  • Do not mark the ball on a green by scratching the surface of the green.


  • Conditions of Exclusion and Prohibition of Access to Seraincourt Golf

In the event of non-compliance with internal regulations or etiquette or in the event of inappropriate, dangerous or aggressive behavior, the golf management reserves the right to prohibit access to the golf course for a fixed period or permanently. The responsible player cannot claim any reimbursement.



The golf director, the teachers, the golf manager and the members of the board of the Sports Association of Golf are competent to:

  • Monitor the respect of the label.
  • Monitor the respect of departure times.
  • Monitor the pace of play of the players.
  • Monitor eligibility of players on the course
  • Monitor the good dress of the players.

The golf director is empowered to intervene in all circumstances and to take, if necessary, the immediate measures required.


The players are informed of the existence of the "Association Sportive du Golf de Seraincourt".

This association is independent and covers golfers playing at Seraincourt.

Membership in this association does not give any special rights to its members, with respect to the Golf.

This association aims to develop sports activities, through competitions, teams, interclub tournaments…. and thus to create a club atmosphere by constantly bringing together golfers playing at Seraincourt.


The lessons are given exclusively by teachers approved by the golf management.

Lessons can take place at all golf facilities. Access to these areas is reserved for them as a priority.

Reservations for individual and group lessons are made directly with the teacher as well as the session regulations.



  • Home

The Seraincourt golf course makes rental equipment available to players, subject to availability. This equipment is rented for a fee at a rate displayed at reception. As soon as the equipment is handed over to the rental holder, it is their responsibility. He is personally liable in the event of improper use, damage, theft or accident.

The equipment must be returned in good condition near the reception.

In case of degradation, the holder will be liable for the cost of repair and in case of theft of the value of the equipment.

  • Trolleys - golf carts

The Seraincourt golf course provides players and at a rental price displayed at the club house, manual trolleys and electric carts subject to availability.

The rental of golf carts is reserved for adults and their conduct prohibited to people under 16 years.

The use of golf carts is only possible within the golf course, to transport two people at most and in compliance with safety instructions.

Each cart is under the responsibility of the owner of the rental upon delivery of the vehicle. In solidarity with the other users of the cart, he engages his personal responsibility in case of improper use, degradation, theft or accident.

The rental rules above apply to rolling stock.

In case of bad weather and depending on the state of the field, the use of golf carts in the field may be prohibited.

Golf trolleys and golf carts must be returned to their intended location after use.


The competitions are programmed and organized by the Golf Direction of Seraincourt.

“Competition regulations” are established for each competition, specifying in particular the game formula chosen, the training conditions for the parties at the start, the tie-breaking rules in the event of a tie in scores.

The regularly announced competitions are open to all FFG licensees holding a valid medical certificate. However, it may be set up, either closed competitions by invitation, or competitions under the aegis of the FFG.

Registrations for the competitions, within the limit of the places provided, are made either at the reception, or by telephone, or possibly by internet and are closed the day before the competition at 12 noon.

To take part in a competition, players will have to pay a registration fee. Players will also have to pay a green fee.

At the end of the competition, the scorecard, duly completed, signed by the player and co-signed by the scorer, must be handed to the reception.

The prize giving takes place, with some exceptions, at the end of the competition. If one of the winners is absent during the award ceremony, his prize will be awarded to the next.

Only individual competitions homologated by the FFG can cause a modification of the indexes.



The Golf Department of Seraincourt has full power to settle the special cases not provided for in the present by-law, as well as to modify it according to the needs of golf.

These rules will be posted on the premises of the clubhouse accessible to the public.


The Director of Golf de Seraincourt




  • Be early but leave on time
  • Once you've reached the green, drop your bags near or on a path to the next hole.
  • Don't stay on the green to comment on your previous shots or score your scores. Do it on the way or at the start of the next hole.
  • Do not abuse the mobile phone. In case of necessity, free the place.
  • If you find that the part in front of you is playing slowly, bring in the course marshal rather than squeezing that team by playing on them.
  • Especially out of competition, do not turn your ball searches into an endless treasure hunt.
  • On a bad day, pick up your ball and jump the hole rather than playing a tenth shot on the fairway of one by 4.
  • Park your carts away from the tees and the greens always on the way to the next hole.
  • Never forget to pack your pitch and especially to use it.
  • Keep in mind that you have come to relax .....



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