How to play Practice?


To come practice at the practice, you just have to buy at the reception of the practice tokens. At the practice, the ball dispenser will deliver thirty balls. For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to pick up balls on the driving range

How to register for a competition?


The competition allows you to measure your level of play on 9 or 18 holes, on the course, according to the rules of the competition.

To register, take your FFGolf license of the year from the reception and give us your medical certificate no contraindication for the practice of the activity. Then you can register on the registration forms at your disposal in the lobby or on our website. The day before the competition, the starting times will be posted on the site or you can contact the accueil.Enfin the day of the competition, you go to the home at least 10 'before your departure to pay the rights play (18 course holes + competition right) and withdraw your scorecard. Do not hesitate to ask us about the scoring method! At the end of the competition, check the results with your gaming partners before handing over the cards. The recording and publication of the results will be posted on our site.

How to pick up a pitch?


Each player must repair the impact marks of his balls on a green, Thanks to you to think to raise the pitch by proceeding carefully in several stages:

- Insert your pitch pitch around the mark and not at the center of the depression. Bring the edges together in the opposite direction of their movement with delicate rotational movements. Do not focus on the center.

- Flatten the surface with your club or foot. You are done when the landmark has completely disappeared. THANK YOU !

How to dress to play golf?


To play the players wear a dress code to not be denied on the course. The correct outfit includes a polo, pants, a cap, special shoes with small crampons under the soles in particular.

What is the difference between Stableford and Strokeplay?


The way to count, in stableford, is to score points by comparing the score made at each hole with a fixed score which is the Par of the hole. In competition with shots received, the score made at each hole is reduced by the shots received on this hole before being compared to the score set
En stroke play : The competition is won by the side playing the conventional round (s) in the smallest number of rounds.

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