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These terms and conditions govern your use of the website golf-seraincourt@orange.fr and your purchases on it, and constitute a contract concluded between you and LE GOLF DE SERAINCOURT. By using this website and making a purchase on it, you agree to these terms and conditions of use. Please ensure that you have read and understood these terms and conditions of use before using our site.



It is important that you enter a valid e-mail address when ordering. We recommend you to register this e-mail to facilitate any exchange with our customer service in the future. The order confirmation (the receipt) is also your guarantee and your proof of purchase.


If you opt for a credit card payment, all bank transactions are handled by Stripe. GOLF DE SERAINCOURT does not process any credit card number. 


Pay securely with your Visa, American Express or MasterCard on the Internet. Your payment is processed by Stripe, with secure encryption and in compliance with the strictest banking standards. Your card information is transmitted directly to the bank and can not be read or viewed by any other entity than your bank. GOLF DE SERAINCOURT does not charge any additional fees for card payments. However, your bank may charge additional fees depending on your card. When you pay for your credit card purchases, the initial terms apply as soon as the card transaction is approved. If no payment is received after the validation of your order, GOLF DE SERAINCOURT reserves the right to automatically cancel your order.


Any order placed on behalf of another person without his consent will be reported to the authorities. GOLF DE SERAINCOURT reserves the right to modify the prices and to correct the incorrect prices for any order, as well as for any final sale. If a prize is incorrect, the GOLF DE SERAINCOURT may be forced to cancel the purchase and refund the amount paid in the best way. This procedure can be performed at any time. 




LE GOLF DE SERAINCOURT reserves the right to adjust prices, pass on additional costs and modify product information, such as product photos and offers, without notice. The images of the products and the information texts offered describe the products as precisely as possible. We cannot entirely exclude the presence of possible errors on the page, and we cannot guarantee that all images faithfully reflect the true appearance of the products. Images may vary depending on the color settings on your computer. All images should be considered as illustrations only, and do not guarantee the correct appearance and characteristics.



THE GOLF DE SERAINCOURT ships its products around the world. Deliveries are made in cooperation with the postal services and their partners.

If the order has been shipped, the customer is obliged to receive it. The cancellation is not valid until the customer confirms it with the GOLF DE SERAINCOURT, by e-mail. If a product is no longer available, GOLF DE SERAINCOURT reserves the right to cancel the purchase and refund the amount paid to the customer. GOLF DE SERAINCOURT will advise the customer in case of replacement or availability of equivalent products.


As a customer, it is important that you carefully check the goods and products upon receipt of your package, to make sure that the products are not damaged and are correct. If your product has been damaged in transit, regardless of whether the damage is visible or concealed, you must report it to the carrier as soon as possible. If you receive your product and find that it is damaged or does not match the model ordered, you must also contact us within 30 days from the date of receipt.

Any complaint must be made to our customer service from our contact form, available on golf-seraincourt@orange.fr. Please specify the order number and the reason for the complaint; we will get back to you shortly. The same goes for returns. Defective products returned to GOLF DE SERAINCOURT must be handled as if they had no fault. In any case, when making a return, it is extremely important that the product is packaged in such a way as not to be damaged during transport. GOLF DE SERAINCOURT reserves the right to replace defective products with identical models. If the product is no longer available, the customer will receive a full refund. If a returned product contains no errors or defects, GOLF DE SERAINCOURT will return the product to the customer.


The responsibility of GOLF DE SERAINCOURT in the event of an error in the delivery is limited to the existing conditions of sale. By way of example, and without limitation, LE GOLF DE SERAINCOURT assumes no responsibility, direct or indirect, concerning incompatibility problems, delivery times, periods of inactivity, loss of data, need to carry out additional work or any other damage of an economic nature.


GOLF DE SERAINCOURT will be exempt from any liability for damages and other penalties in the event of failure to perform the contract, delay in its performance or circumstances beyond our control. Liability relief factors to be considered include government intervention, enforcement of new or changing existing laws, absence of a state, war, fires, floods, disruption of labor, prohibitions, restrictions, sabotage, bad weather or transport conditions or lack of delivery from suppliers and the company's exposure to criminal activity affecting its business.

Droits de propriété intellectuelle

All intellectual property rights, such as trademarks and copyright, on the website and in the contents published on it are held by GOLF DE SERAINCOURT. Any use of the site or its contents, including the copying or storage of this content, in whole or in part, for purposes other than your personal and non-commercial use, is prohibited without the authorization of GOLF DE SERAINCOURT.


All products remain the property of GOLF DE SERAINCOURT until their full payment.


Any fraud will be reported to the authorities, and the GOLF DE SERAINCOURT reserves the right to cancel any purchase in case of suspicion. 


GOLF DE SERAINCOURT reserves the right to terminate your account and / or your right to use the website golf-seraincourt@orange.fr in its sole discretion, for example, if Pap's suspects that you have breached these terms and conditions of use. This termination can be done without notice.


GOLF DE SERAINCOURT reserves the right to revise these general conditions of use from time to time. We therefore recommend that you regularly check this page to find out about the current general conditions to which you are bound.

These terms and conditions have been updated to 06 / 02 / 2019.


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