Friday May 21 - Philippe Chatrier Competition

Created in 2001, the PHILIPPE CHATRIER TROPHY is a charity intended to raise funds during friendly golf and tennis competitions, to financially help the Philippe Chatrier Foundation, placed under the aegis of the Fondation de France.

 The Philippe Chatrier Trophy is also an opportunity to bring together two sports around the same cause, conveying common values ​​constantly honored by Philippe Chatrier.

 Today the two disciplines, under the sponsorship of their respective federations, officially join together to support the action of the Philippe Chatrier Foundation with a double objective:
- honor the memory of Philippe Chatrier, who was a great leader in the history of sport
- support and finance research on Alzheimer's disease, in order to allow early diagnosis of this disease in order to combat it as quickly as possible.

Open competition in Scramble for two with awards ceremony

Information and information from our reception or on 01 34 75 47 28

Golf reserves the right to cancel the competition at the last moment in the event of restrictions on the practice of golf and / or competitions by government decision.

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