Lunch menu

Every day, in addition to our menu, the chef offers daily specials made according to the inspirations of the season.
The team of the restaurant Le Friant welcomes you to the General's residence.


Homemade pork terrine, onion chutney and seasonal salad € 8
Parmesan shortbread, tomato jelly and mozzarella ball, herbal pesto € 10
Artichoke cream, marinated vegetables, black croutons and hazelnut oil vinaigrette 12 € (Vegan)
Gravlax salmon marinated in citrus fruits, creamy avocado, lemon and green apple condiment 13 €
Caesar salad, a base of romaine, tomato, parmesan, croutons, sauce and chicken or gravlax salmon, Small € 9 Large € 16
Charcuterie board, semi-salted butter, pickle and tapenade 15 €
Charolais Beef Tartare 160GR Asian marinade, fries and salad 15 €
Lacquered pork pluma, crunchy ratatouille, pepper cream, fried shallots 16 €
Butcher's piece: the Marquise, Béarnaise sauce, fries and salad € 16
Muscovy duck fillet, meat ice cream with maple syrup and bourbon whiskey, vitelotte mousseline, sweet potato, beets and roasted carrots € 17
Seared cod steak, venerated rice, vegetable tagliatelle, pan-fried mushrooms, carrot ginger juice. € 18
 Plate of matured cheese 9 €
Cottage cheese, coulis of the day and crumble € 6
Chocolate mousse 6 €
Choice of Ice Cream: strawberry, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, mango, passion, coffee, raspberry, pistachio 1 scoop € 3 2 scoops € 5,5 3 scoops € 8
Gourmet coffee or tea according to the inspiration of the chef 9 €
Red fruit pavlova, red fruit cream 8 €
All chocolate praline dome on a dacquoise cookie € 9
Paris Seraincourt revisited 9 €
This card is offered to you for information only. It is likely to change over the seasons depending on arrivals.

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