Aeration of the greens

Aeration of the greens, from 28 October 2019. Specific rate for this week, inquire at 01 34 75 47 28.

The Field Team will drill the greens to allow aeration as early as Monday 28 October, work will be done on 3-4 days depending on the weather.

To have a good quality green, many factors come into play: deep roots, good soil, oxygen, regular intake of organic elements, water, ... The passage of lawnmowers, trampling golfers compact the soil and reduce the oxygen present in the soil.

Aeration is a mechanical process that creates spaces filled with air and thus allows a good rooting of the grass. Removed cores also allow carbon dioxide and other toxins trapped in the soil to escape.

The greens are aired with a machine that pierces "carrots" in the green. The residue of these holes is evacuated and replaced by sand, so it is as many small wells that give air and water passages to feed the soil and therefore the plant.

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